Getting A Divorce Tips

images-16Divorce is hard on everyone, particularly on kids. Many parents struggle with their marriages for years before deciding that divorce is the best option for everyone. When this decision is made, it then falls to the parents to let their kids know what be happening.

Unfortunately, well-meaning parents sometimes make delivering this news more traumatic than it needs to be. Here are some examples of how not to tell your children that you’re getting a divorce:

Be Unprepared

Some parents are so upset that they fail to prepare for “the talk” with their kids. As a result, the conversation quickly spirals out of control. This is particularly true with younger children who may not have a good idea of what divorce is or means.

Fail to Control Emotions

Parents need to maintain self-control while discussing divorce with their kids. Crying, making accusations against the other parent or showing signs of distress further traumatizes children. Such behavior may also discourage children from asking questions or seeking support from their parents.

Schedule the Conversation at a Bad Time

Waiting for an appropriate time to deliver the news is important. This may mean waiting until after a holiday or life event, such as graduation. It may also mean having the conversation on a weekend when the kids do not immediately have to go back to school.

Offer Too Much Information

There is no reason to drag kids into the conflicts that led to the divorce. Doing this creates distrust between family members. Parents need to own their behavior and not involve their children in their past actions.

Don’t Say What Happens Next

Parents should be prepared to explain what will happen next to their kids. If one of the parents will move out, it’s important to provide a firm date. If custody plans are already in place, that should also be explained to the children. If no plans are in place, though, you should take their concerns into consideration when discussing that with your legal representative. Lawyers, like those at Ramsden Lawyers, should definitely be willing to put the children’s needs first when it comes to a custody situation.

Even in situations where the logistics of a divorce have not yet been determined, parents should reassure their children of their love. Children should also be reassured that both parents are committed to maintaining a healthy relationship with them during and after the divorce.

Fortunately, there are many resources for parents who are getting divorced. Therapists, mediators and even attorneys can provide guidance on age-appropriate ways of discussing divorce with your children. Being able to discuss the situation openly and with compassion can help yourfamily heal and move on.

How to make he loves you so much

images-15Some women have this “thing” that attracts all the men in a 20-square foot vicinity. Most women can’t identify what that is, but most men will be able to identify it and will hone in like bees to a hive. Women might think she’s beautiful, has a great body, dresses well or knows how to flirt. But even when she’s dressed in baggy clothes, without make-up and not flirting, men still seem to notice her. What is the secret and can you do it?

There is no real secret, and yes you can do it. The biggest factor is confidence! When you are confident in who you are, you’re more apt to smile, laugh, relax and flirt. Each of these actions will attract the opposite sex. In a sea of people, he’ll notice the woman who is confident, smiling and laughing no matter how she looks or her body type.

Smiling and laughing will put the guy at ease, you seem more approachable and easy going. Guys like that in a woman. Make eye contact with the man and smile; just a slight curving of your mouth that rises all the way to your eyes. Then look away and get back to talking with your friends. Look again and smile. Then look away again. This give and take creates tension.

Some guys are attracted to women who don’t look like they are trying too hard. Wearing low cut dresses, too much make-up and jewelry may signal a woman who is hard to maintain and not easy to watch sports with. And, let’s face it, most men have different interests than you do. If you want to have a strong relationship, you’ll learn to compromise and enjoy each other’s activities. If it looks like you won’t even try, then he won’t either.

Some guys like a woman with enough self-confidence to approach him and others are put off by what they feel are aggressive women. There is no real way to know which is which by just ‘looking at them.’ So, if you want him to notice and approach you, it’s time to start flirting from across the room. You can do that dressed in baggy sweats and without make-up. It doesn’t matter how you look in your own eyes, only your self-confidence in your self-worth.

Body language is important. When your legs and arms are crossed, shoulders tense and face full of lines from stress you are putting out signals that you aren’t interested, no matter if you ARE interested. Don’t be engrossed in texting your friends or surfing the Internet on your smart phone. Keep your attention on the room, your friends and the people who are interested in you. Point your feet toward the man you want to notice you and lean your body in that direction, even when your head is turned slightly in the other direction to talk with your friends.

The one thing you should NEVER do is appear desperate for attention. This is a sure turn off for any man who will turn tail and run. You might not be a desperate needy woman, but first impressions are incredibly important. When you come across as desperate, he’ll think you are needy and without any self-confidence.

We all want to be noticed and appreciated for who we are. The interesting thing is that when you appreciate yourself, you are more apt to attract a man who appreciates you. So get started learning to love who you are, your face, your body, your personality and yourself. It won’t be long before someone notices exactly how wonderful you really are!

Someone Who Is Abusive

images-17When someone’s relationship comes to an end, they can have to the need to carry on with their life. There is then going to be no reason for them to spend time talking about the person they were with.

The Reason

If this is because it ended badly, it will be normal for them to want to put the past behind them. And if they were to spend time talking about the other person, it would have a negative effect on their well-being.

It will be far better for them to live in the present moment, and to have moments when they think about what they would like to achieve in the future. Also, if they are looking to start a new relationship, this will make it easier for them to so.

Caught Up

As if one’s mind is focused on what happened with their ex, it can make it harder for them to attract someone else. For example, if one is holding onto something, it will stop them from being able to pick something else up.

In the same way, if one is energetically attached to someone else, it can stop them from being able open the door to someone new. Or, if they were to attract someone, they could find that they are not available.

A Reflection

If they were in touch with what is taking place within them, this could be something that doesn’t surprise them. On one hand, it could be frustrating, but on the other, it could make them laugh.

However, when one is not aware of how their outer world is mirroring their inner world, it could set them up to see themselves as a victim. The other person could then be seen as being the one who needs to change.

Another Experience

Their lack of self-awareness can then cause them to suffer unnecessarily, and it could take a while for their life to change. Yet, even if their relationship didn’t end badly, it still doesn’t mean that they will want to talk about it.

As far as they are concerned, it’s over, and now it is important for them to move on with their life. So regardless of why it ended, one is not going to want to wallow in the past, and this could be the best thing for them to do.


That is if one is truly able to move on, as opposed to this being a way for them to avoid what is taking place within them. When one does this to avoid how they feel, it is likely to be only a matter of time before what is taking place within them starts to affect their life.

In is then going to be in their best interest to get in touch with their body and to face their feelings. This is unlikely to be too pleasant in the short-term, but it will enable them to actually move on.

Speaking Out

Alternatively, one could end up talking about their ex, and this could be a time when they will give a balanced assessment of them. It is then not that they were all bad, but they were not completely good either.

And as no one on this planet is perfect, it might not be hard for other people to relate to what they are saying. What this could show is that one still loves them, but they are no longer in love with them.

How To Seduce Women

You see it all the time in movies and read it in books, a confident man seduces a younger or older woman with ease. How do they do it? Is it all fiction? The truth of the matter is that you can learn how to seduce women with relative ease. All you have to do is make sure that you are looking into the right options overall. There is a trick to this solution, and it starts with figuring out what you want. Do you want to seduce a lot of women? Or do you want just one? Whatever the case is, make sure that you take a look at a few tips and tricks below to help you along the way.

Carry Yourself With Confidence

Learn to stand up straight. Dress nicely, and wear cologne. Make sure that you are not looking sloppy, and make sure that you always smell nice. Even if inside, you are not sure what you’re doing, and you are somewhat panicked, don’t let anyone know that. You have to be able to command attention, and focus on moving forward with anything that you’re doing. This takes time, but you can go this route if you just practice, and continually remind yourself of your own personal greatness. This is a major key to learning how to seduce women.

Buy Flowers For Women

Want to really get their attention? Buy them flowers. Seriously, buy a woman a bouquet of flowers and they’ll have you on their mind all day. The goal here is to get their attention so that they know you’re thinking of them, and are a gentleman. In the note card, put your name and then ask a question. Something simple goes a long way, like, “will you go on a date with me?”. Be prepared to show them the time of their lives, so think outside of the box. They don’t want to go, they’ll let you know, so don’t worry. Flowers work most of the time, so test it out and see what happens. Buying flowers can at least show you whether or not you’relearning how to seduce women.

Don’t Rush Sex

For those that are struggling to learn how to seduce women, you should slow down. Even if you’re kissing and things seem to be moving forward, pause things. Use your self-control and avoid having sex too soon. Make them want it more, and just give them a little taste here and there. Eventually they will pounce, and you’ll have them seduced with ease. In these modern times, someone that waits to have sex is rare especially when there’s mutual attraction. Pull it in a little, and you’ll get them wanting you more than ever.

Tips to Remember For First Dating

We are all in the quest for love. Some looking for “the one” in the dance floor. Some are lucky enough to find their life partner already. Some are still in the games, hunting for the potential mate.Why not try speed datingfor a change? We have useful tips for you to remember.

Speed dating was invented by a Rabbi named Yaacov Deyo of Aish HaTorrah, a Jewish orthodox organization in Los Angeles, California in 1998 to help young Jewish singles to mingle. Countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and the United Kingdom organizes speed dating events to help hopeless romantics find love at first sit. Yes, you have read it right. It is to find love at first sit. In a set location with multiple seats, opposite sex will interact one-to-one within 3 to 5 minutes. When the time is up you go to the next seat to entertain another until you have met every participant. It is the ultimate 50 first date experience or less.

If you have never been to a speed date before you can contact your local event hosts or visit the following top websites for speed dating:

List of online dating sites

Unlike online dating, in speed dating, you get to meet them in person so you have to keep in mind these following tips to enjoy the experience:

1. Dress to impress

Make a good first impression that will last. Physical appearance plays a great role in the dating scene. This can be used as the checklist for nay or yay for some. Always make sure that you look fabulous and comfortable. Your outfit should reflect your personality. Choose a dress that will boost your confidence and flaunt your asset.

2. Show up on time

The old adage the early bird gets the worm may or may not be applicable with speed dating. If you are referring for the worm as your mate, being early does not necessarily give you the advantage of getting one. But attending on time is a must. Registration and making friends with the host can help you scan the place as well as the event itself. You have to make yourself comfortable with the activity you are joining in especially if it’s your first time and not be awkward. Pre-event preparation is the perfect time to ask questions you have in mind and resolve the doubts inside your head before you consider getting out of there.

3. Questions and light conversations

Use appropriate and light conversations within a few minutes. Questions will filter your compatibility. You can talk about your interests, hobbies, food but not the basics – where you work, where you are residing at the moment. You will have these information in the right time, after the event based on the result and recommendations of the organizers. Avoid asking questions you will get no fruitful answers from, the yes or no type.

4. Do not reveal too much information

Beware of stranger danger! You do not want to end up having a creepy stalker or worse a psycho. Delving into a deep conversation is impossible to happen so don’t give away too much information. Date smart and be safe.

5. Take mental notes.

Observe their body language and take mental notes of what you see, hear and feel. Pay attention to their grooming, clothing and over-all appearance. You don’t have to be judgmental about it. All you have to do is consider what is important to you. If you want a person who is presentable and pleasant-looking, check out their nails or teeth or what makes you go OCD the most.

Shopping Malls Made Easier

Millions of people will go to a mall today. Among them will be single ladies. If your goal is to get more dates, then you have better get to the mall. Now, there are different times of day that you should go there. If you’re older than 18, don’t go after school, try to go during school hours, and try to make sure that you’re not going into shops and areas that are frequented by teenagers. That’s going to be a tough one for you. For others, this is fine, but if you’re over 18, be careful when trying to learn about meeting girls in shopping malls.

Find Similar Interests

You want to visit stores where women go, but that aren’t necessarily sexy. For instance, you don’t want to go to Victoria’s Secret and hang out. But you could go to a place like Hot Topic, which may have women that are into pop culture. Of course, there are other stores, but that’s just a quick example. Look for stores that have clothing for men and women, and try to keep an eye out for those that are shopping alone. Keep in mind that there’s a lot of stores where you can work on meeting girls in shopping malls.

Get Their Phone Number

When you see a woman that is shopping alone, just approach her. Say hello, and compliment them quickly. If they are approachable and smile back, ask for their phone number. Chances are they will either say yes or no. If they say no, wish them well and go away. If they say yes, then simply ask when a good time to call is, and leave. You don’t want a long conversation here, you simply want to get in and get out. Later on, depending on what they tell you about a good time, call them.

Get Coffee

The sure fire way that you’re going to need to consider when meeting girls in shopping malls is simple, they usually visit a coffee shop. Whether it’s for tea or mixed drinks, women love going to these locations. That’s where you can hang out and end up meeting someone. Ask to buy someone a drink, or better yet, get in line ahead of them and buy their drink outright. You’ll find that a great conversation starter can be simply buying someone a drink. You’ll be surprised how quickly this can work, assuming that the person is single.

Meeting girls in shopping malls is not hard. It’s just a matter of going out and being bold. The rewards of being bold are going to shine on you if you just ask. Don’t be scared, don’t be nervous, simply ask women out at the mall. Someone’s bound to say yes.

Are you a nice guy

They say that nice guys finish last, and guess what? They do. If you’re going to move forward with a woman, you need to learn some tips to stop being Mr. nice guy. Without knowing these things, you are going to get left in the friend zone forever. If you’re interested in a woman and you want to get with her, you will need to shake off the stench of being just “nice”. If you do that, you will get with her and stay with her. This is something that takes a bit of time, and it’s going to give you the upper hand as you more forward through the dating world. The following are some tips that can help you achieve this progression.

Take Time For Yourself

Do not just be waiting around for her to call you. In fact, make plans, and stick to them. Make plans, share them with her and then go do them. Do not wait for her to call to make plans, don’t wait for her to try and do things, you should be doing things on your own. Remember, you are an independent person and you are not a beggar. Too often guys wait for someone to call, or to give them some action. Don’t be that guy. Instead, do your own thing, go to museums, coffee shops, read books at libraries, and just be on your own without her. Even if you really want to be with her, don’t let her see it or you will be too nice.

Don’t Fight With Her

Do you really want to stop being Mr. Nice Guy? Then don’t fight. Seriously, don’t fight with her, instead, let her vent and then walk away. When she confronts you, tell her you’re not interested in a manipulation or discourse of anger. She’ll fume, she’ll want to talk it out, she’ll get mad, and you’ll look like a bad guy. But she will think about it and later apologize. That’s when you will accept her apologies, but you will be busy doing something else. Just don’t fight while trying to figure out stop being Mr. nice guy.

The biggest thing that you need to remember about all of this is simple, you need to be independent. Do not let her control or run your life. You need to be your own person, to a fault. You want her to join you in your life, you don’t want to lay down yourself for hers, because that’s a sign of weakness. Women will run you over if you let them. There’s give and take in marriage and relationships, but if you’re not there yet, don’t let that become your fault. Figuring out stop being Mr. nice guy is tough, but it needs to be done.

Tool for Successfully Finding Your Soulmate

Navigating through the dating scene as you look for your soulmate can be daunting. You want to protect your heart when you start dating someone new while also remaining open to possibilities. Astrology is a good tool to gain access into the fundamental personality of someone you’ve just met. You have great qualities and it’s important that they are noticed and celebrated by the person you’re with. It’s much more difficult to love and appreciate someone if they don’t understand what you’re about. In a world of projection and misunderstandings, it’s important to be with someone you can be yourself with because you’re just what they were looking for.
You may save a lot of time and effort if you know that the dynamics between yourself and a certain sign don’t suit your idea of a good relationship. Keep in mind that there are Ascending and Descending signs that are also a factor as well as the Sun sign. For example, a Leo and Capricorn in love may seem like a total mismatch but if the Descendant is a compatible sign, it could be a match made in heaven. The Descendant sign is based on the time of day a person is born and dictates how they are in relationships.
If you’re a true Aries, you bring virtue, adventure and optimism to a relationship. Leo and Sagittarius, the other two fire signs will appreciate these qualities in you.
The love habit that gets you into trouble the most is not thinking before you jump. A Leo celebrates this aspect of you and will catch you. Leo and Aries are signs that don’t need a stable home to feel secure. This may lead to long camping trips and big worldly adventures.
Pisces doesn’t compliment Aries you find yourself having to distort yourself to prevent hurting their feelings. Maybe it will last but you’re never really able to be yourself without hurting the sensitive Pisces.
Taurus, you know the importance that financial stability has in a relationship. After all, money problems are one of the top reasons people fight. To keep harmony, you ensure finances will never come between you and your love. You have a hard time forgiving so you work well with the likes of Virgo and Capricorn.
Virgo is virtuous and will offer a stable love that you can depend on. This relationship has potential to be long lasting.
When dating a Gemini, your ideals will become unbalanced as they’re restless. To be with a Gemini, you sacrifice a large part of what you care about.
You are open minded and ready for experimentation, bringing intellectual stimulation into relationships.
Don’t waste your best attributes on the wrong kind of people as Aquarians will celebrate your intellect. You can talk for hours to one another and they will make you feel alive as Aquarius quenches your thirst for knowledge.
Having a Libra by your side works well too because you both enjoy culture, art and having fun. You’ll also deeply appreciate their lack of jealousy because too much sensitivity makes you nervous.
As a Cancer is primarily domestic, you likely won’t endure a balanced relationship. If it lasts, one of you will have given up a large part of yourself.
You bring tenderness to the table Cancer, an admirable quality. It’s not easy for you to let loose but you’re incredibly caring.
Pisces understands your depth of feeling which will give you a sense of belonging and ease. You’ll feel proud to be who you are and Pisces will never question it.
You also pair well with a Scorpio as their dominance complements your caring nature.
Sagittarius will infuriate you and you’ll likely shut down regardless of the strong attraction you may have for one another. This is likely a relationship that will last for a short amount of time.
As a Leo, you usually have a crowd of admirers around you thanks to your charisma. Your passion makes you an excellent partner but you also need to be the one leading.
Aries let’s you be the leader and appreciates your fiery nature. You and Aries start infernos in the bedroom and live a life of adventure that’s hard to beat.
Sagittarius has the same type of philosophy towards life which leads a harmonious union between you.
If you date a Capricorn, you risk scarring them emotionally with your dominance.
The Virgo believes that love is pure and it is held in high regard. You are not as passionate as other signs but your purity makes up for it. Signs that appreciate this are Capricorn and Taurus.
You and Capricorn are perfectionists so neither will question the extra work put into every detail of your lives.
Taurus has a big heart and you will greatly appreciate that as you both honor love in the same way.
Aries can dull your sweet flame with their need to constantly be in control, even when they’re wrong. You don’t get to have things the way you’d like, which is important to you.
The balanced nature of Libra is appreciated by both Aquarius and Gemini.
You will appreciate the out-going Aquarius as both of you enjoy being social.
A Gemini is your perfect match intellectually and sexually, allowing a harmonious union for the long term.
Scorpio likes to dwell in the darkness while you are sunny by nature. It would be difficult to make a relationship like this work for a lifetime.
It’s hard to resist the treat of sensual energy that lives within the Scorpio. You may be too intense for some signs but Pisces and Cancer admire your characteristics.
The dreamer in Pisces lets you take the lead and even though you’re different, you compliment one another.
As you are quite jealous, Cancer’s total devotion will keep you at ease.
Scorpio and Gemini don’t have the same philosophy about relationships. While you are extremely loyal, Gemini tends to have a more free-loving nature. This could lead to major heartbreak on your part.
Sagittarius has an instinctive need to be honest about everything. This works well for those that aren’t too sensitive and appreciate knowing where they stand.
Aquarius compliments the adventurous spirit of a Sag and both of you strive for change. You could be with each other without it seeming like a traditional union.
Leo stimulates you in and out of bed and because you’re not dependant on love to define you, he deeply respects you.
You have a lot of pride and a Virgo tends to have a critical nature so this relationship could be crushing for you.
Capricorn are wonderful to fall in love with, at first it doesn’t seem like there’s much to them but as you dig, you see there’s an endless pool.
You and Virgo have similar outlooks on life as you both need order in the household and desire success greatly.
A Taurus has the same values for money and security as you so you are a harmonious couple.
You may be attracted to a Leo at first but in the end, you won’t be impressed by their fiery fits.

The Past And Forgive Yourself

“In the process of letting go you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.” ~ Deepak Chopra

There is no life without emotional scars; no one escapes flawless; no one can claim perfection without committing mockery upon himself. Jesus, the great example of humility for mankind, said, “Let him who hast not sinned cast the stone”

We have all made mistakes in our lives. We are all scared. In my life there have always been lots of physical scars. But as I grew older and wiser, I saw in people; sometimes in myself; signs of inner distress. So much sufferings, hurt feelings, confusion, guilt. So many people are holding grudges, submerged with bitterness, feeling inferior and worthless. I thought of these as scars, as emotional scares. But these emotional scares, I came to see, were so much deeper than physical scares, much more painful. We cannot avoid the scares; there is no escape from mistakes, quarrels, and misunderstandings to which human beings are prey. But we can treat them from a mature point of view. There is a clue in Bible, “when I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away my childish things”. We cannot adopt a child’s approach and ask for magic that will make all our troubles and grievances disappear. We must handle them maturely. “I define emotional maturity as the ability to make good, positive, healthy choices during the challenges of life” Roger K. Allen

Here is how we can deal and live with them maturely:

1- Forgive past hurts. We have to learn to forgive our past mistakes, the unwise decisions we have made, the foolish things we have said, the times that we have let ourselves down, the times we have let friends down. We must stop torturing ourselves for the lack of wisdom when we needed it, for our cautiousness when we should have been bold, for our boldness when we should have been cautious. We must forgive the times when we lost our temper over trifles, failed to stand up for our rights when we should have, stepped on other people’s toes with our insensitive remarks, given into the inconsiderate egotism that is so much a part of human nature. For there is great sweetness in forgiveness; it is the balm for the scars of life. Without it there will be no quiet room in our minds to escape to for peace; there will be only a room rattling with tension. Once we learn to forgive ourselves, then we be able to forgive others. Too many people waste their time obsessed with hatred for those who have hurt them. Isn’t it time to forgive and forget? Then you can move on making each day a life in itself, living, loving, challenging. Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future. ~Paul Boes

2- Live in the present. When we aren’t being present we become a victim of time. Our minds are pulled into the past, the future, or both. The fact is that the past doesn’t exist and neither does the future. The only true reference point we have to existence is a feeling of presence, of being here in this body, of seeing the world through these eyes. “The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.” ~ Buddha. When we spend our time thinking and regretting about the past, or worrying over what is to come, which may or may not happen, then we will only be wasting precious days we will wish in the future we could have cherished more. Being present helps us appreciate the simple moments of life, calms us down during times of stress, and helps us to be more focused.

3- Define Your Vision. We all have to know what we want, and what is important to us in life. Some people have a clear vision of their heart desires and dreams early in life, but for some of us the vision is unclear and the path difficult to find. In order to lead a life on a purpose and vision, we have to follow our passions and succeed in our dreams. We need to restore within our lives those moments of quiet reflection, those peaceful times of awareness where we can actually hear our own voice, have our own thoughts, and let them have time to go somewhere. We have to stop, become quiet, listen to our heart and think. And then we will be able to seize our vision, our direction, and clarity. “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens.” ~ Carl Jung

4- Accept and embrace reality. Life is unpredictable. Nothing is permanent, everything changes; and a lot of things can happen that can transform who we are and have an impact on our lives. The point is that we need to develop the skill to simply accept whatever comes and embrace it. We create suffering by not accepting reality. “We need to develop the habit of looking at whatever happens through a positive mindset instead of a negative and defeatist one”. By practicing acceptance we prepare ourselves to accept reality and live in this changing world, where we never know what’s going to happen next. Acceptance is like protecting ourselves with our own shields. The truth is that we can’t change the reality, even if we try. No amount of complaining or over thinking will make any difference when something unpredictable happen. So instead of getting worried or distressed, we need to choose to accept and live with reality.

5- Act with honesty and integrity. “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively”. Acting with honesty and integrity means that we follow our moral or ethical convictions, care about trust, cherish our relationships, and respect the importance of a solid reputation. It means that we are true to ourselves, committed to do our best and are prepared to acknowledge the result of our action. It requires us to keep discipline, to take responsibility and to fulfil our promise. It demands us to capitulate short-term outcome for something with higher vision that is larger and more meaningful in the long term. “It’s simple. Never lie to someone who trusts you, and never trust someone who lies to you”.

Hi Tech Sensuality to You

People from India are opening up in their attitude towards adult play toys and a majority of the audience cross section is pretty much comfortable regarding the sale and use of the same.

Quite a few stores have mushroomed and sell adult play toys, mostly plastic, some silicon.

Makes one wonder with so many advancements in technology, how come these toys have never received an upgrade?

And if such toys were to be invented, what would be the right audience to sell them to?

It was these ideas that Mr. Chavan had in mind when he was planning to set up And correspondingly, it took him atleast an year of research to figure out the feasibility of such hi tech devices for Indian markets.

During this time, Mr. Chavan came to realize that the number of people who would want to explore such toys is high, pretty much higher than one would otherwise presume.

WHAT MAKES TWINKLEKNIGHTS DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHER RANDOM WEBSITES WHICH SELL ADULT PLAY TOYS? has a unique take on adult play toys – a majority of products sold by this US based entity are technology enabled; something which other websites are not doing. Products from all over the world are evaluated to suit the India market, tested and then launched. Team Twinkleknights works dedicatedly towards assuring that each all of the products are 1. High quality 2.Comply with the safety standards, i.e. the products are, in most cases made of a high quality liquid silicone material, which ensures quality and durability as well.


Hi-tech products by TwinkleKnights use smartphone technology to communicate & control the toy. The app also trains and provides feedback on the users’ sexual wellness.

‘Higher sexual wellness & awareness can be achieved by use of technology in Adult products’ says Mr. Chavan. ‘For example, our newest product “ProFitMe” is a prostate massager for men. As we all know men have to be aware & careful of their Prostate gland in the late 40s to avoid impotency & cancerous issues. Our prostate massager ensures a much improved overall health for men. It also trains the user on how to takeintimacy to new levels at this age!’


Just as for men, the website has listed some hi Tech sensuality products for women on its catalogue.

Kegel Balls, in a very generic way is a set of two balls attached to each other. It’s a product used to tighten up the pelvic floor muscles, so a lady is required to push each of the balls up her vagina, one by one and let these stay.

Twinkleknights has come up with a concept which nicely integrates technology with kegel balls. The V tight Kegel balls come with an app for your smartphone and communicate with the app via blutooth.

So the app would come to know when you body achieves a certain stage with an exercise, the Kegel Balls then automatically move on to the next level of operation.

Marriage Advice

Are you sick and tired of your spouse’s behaviour?
Do you have no more to give?
Are you at the end of your tether?
Do you think an ultimatum is your only way out?
We hear people giving ultimatums every day. “If you don’t stop doing X then Y will be the consequence.” However, more often than not these ultimatums are being issued by a parent to a child. This is a relationship where power and responsibility lie with the parent. It is the parent’s job to ensure that a child grows up knowing what is right and wrong, setting boundaries to ensure safety.
The reasons for adults giving ultimatums within a marriage can be a reaction to many types of behaviours. Marriage problem examples such as your partner being aggressive, having an affair or an addiction to spending, pornography, alcohol or drugs. It could also be about any other obsession or things they like to control in their life. These behaviours will have left you feeling hurt and resentful. It is understandable why you would feel that giving an ultimatum would be your only option.

Reasons for not using ultimatums for marriage problems
Giving an ultimatum to your spouse, where the relationship should really be equitable and even will immediately create a sense of negativity within the relationship. Whilst you may feel that you need to gain the power in your relationship by using an ultimatum the result you desire will not follow.
Think about how you would feel if your spouse gave you an ultimatum. Words such as resentment, belittlement and control spring to mind. An ultimatum may come across as a demand or a threat and will immediately make your spouse defensive. These are not feelings that would inspire you to change!
Yes, your spouse may manage to change their damaging behaviours for a short space of time if they fear they will lose you. However, more often than not people aren’t ready to follow through on the ultimatum as you as an individual need to establish your bottom-line. All you are managing to achieve is a dictatorship within your marriage by being too demanding. This is not to say that certain abusive situations should be tolerated and at this stage alternative strategies may need to be employed.
What should you consider as an alternative approach to marriageproblems?
What is more important is to look at why your partner may be displaying such destructive behaviour and how to support them to make the desired changes. It’s widely accepted that events in our childhood can have a long-lasting effect on our behaviours into adulthood. Your spouse’s relationship with either of their parents can have a profound effect on them. Think about how your own childhood experience was. Did you come from a home environment where you felt emotionally connected? Were you able to talk about not only what you did in a day but also about how you felt? Did you feel loved and appreciated? Was there affection in your household? All these aspects are what lead to people feeling connected to one another. A lack of emotional connectedness can be what leads people to destructive behaviours such as infidelity, or any of the other negative behaviours I have described so far. To reiterate, an ultimatum will work against trying to achieve emotional connectedness.
What is emotional connectedness?
There are many definitions of emotional connectedness but in essence it is about the feeling of being accepted, respected and being able to be our true selves in the presence of another. People who feel the most worthwhile and happy will be able to display high levels of emotional connectedness with their family and friends. Often, a person who has not experienced this as a child or even into adulthood will be a person who displays addictive behaviours or go on to have affairs. Participating in these behaviours is a way of your spouse achieving a reprieve from this feeling of disconnectedness. It gives them a space where they are accepted and relaxed, without immediate consequences and, often with more ease than they can have in their marriage. Your spouse will more than likely know that their behaviour is wrong. Rationally they will see that it is destructive to your marriage and to himself, or herself as a person. Whilst they may accept that their behaviour is wrong it may be incredibly difficult for them to change. They may even be too frightened of failure to try, this is the most common reason for men and women not changing I find in marriage counselling. By giving your spouse empowering ways and alternatives, a change in their behaviour can be influenced. This is how I work with those I support, giving them as many options as possible.

What I want to say is…

You do have the ability to influence their inner motivation to change. It is possible by helping your spouse to feel more emotionally connected to fundamentally influence and change their negative behaviours. Ultimatums essentially instil rules within a relationship. Whilst it may be important to have boundaries, imposing rules will create resentment, as already mentioned. This is where establishing connection and thereby achieving the ability to influence your spouse’s internal motivation is key. This method is much more productive and also creates a more positive relationship.

By creating an emotional connection with your spouse, you can realise two profound effects:

You eliminate your spouse’s craving for their damaging behaviour. There’s no void to fill anymore, because you have fulfilled the need for connection.

You offer your spouse a permanent filling for the void that has been insatiable, probably since their childhood.

The tricky part of this is many of us don’t even know how to create emotional connectedness. This is part of what I teach people through the Ultimate Marriage Connecter Package and the online private program. I have worked with all of the types of behaviour I have mentioned and truly believe that any habit can be changed with the right mindset and resolve.

As a starting point, affection, attention and appreciation of your spouse are imperative. This may be difficult to do in the beginning especially when your spouse’s behaviour is so challenging. It may also be necessary to get extra help with particular addictions or obsessive behaviour to create lasting change.

In summary:

Do not give your spouse an ultimatum.
Establish how you could aim to achieve emotional connectedness with your spouse
It only takes one person to transform a marriage – I help women and men to single-handedly do this on a daily basis. It all starts with becoming closer and inspiring them to change.

Now I am not saying everything relates back to childhood. The stresses of modern day life, financial difficulties, a nightmare boss or heavy work load,family pressure or conflict can also lead to a break down in emotional connectedness and destructive behaviour also. Whatever the reason getting support to help you turn things around is crucial. We all know time does not heal.

Selling Adult Play Toys Over E Commerce Platform

Sale of adult play toys is something which is otherwise seen as a taboo, and even an idea which does not find widespread acceptance amongst people. Nevertheless, one might over time find out that most people just see these as sexual wellness products, and something which they would not associate with any of the notions of vulgarity.

If someone has it in mind to set up a company which is entirely dedicated to sale of adult playtoys, they would have to give a great degree of consideration to the sensibilities of the local audience.

In the same way, a challenge which such an idea faces is finding the right kind of niche audience who would be interested in purchasing adult play toys.

Nevertheless, it is a very commonly believed notion that when people from India are on a lookout for adult play toys, they normally make a purchase from abroad. Or they may even have to go for substandard goods from those available at e commerce stores.

There is invariably a compromise on satisfaction levels, because finding a large variety of adult play toys at a single destination could be tough. And in the same way, if one does want to go for adult play toys, it might occasionally be difficult to find the best quality of products.

Mr. Chavan had these ideas in mind when he was planning to set up And correspondingly, it took him atleast an year of research to figure out the feasibility of such a website for Indian markets.

Over the phase, Mr. Chavan came to realize that the number of people who would want to go for such a service is high, pretty much higher than one would otherwise presume.

People from India are opening up in their attitude towards adult play toys and a majority of the audience cross section is pretty much comfortable regarding the sale and use of adult play toys.

As Mr. Chavan himself said, that ‘If a couple intends to find joy in the bedroom, there is no reason why they should hold back. It’s really a no bars attached idea of fun which two mature people may want to indulge into.’

‘And if a website which sells adult play toys makes it easier for them to achieve the same, there is no reason why one must say no to such an idea. Because ultimately, one’s sexual wellness reflects in everything that one does and in one’s everyday activities as well.’ Mr. Chavan went on toadd.


TwinkleKnights banks on a unique concept for selling adult play toys. A majority of products sold on the website are high tech goods, something which other websites may not be doing. And moreover, Team Twinkleknights works dedicated towards assuring that each of the products which the website sells is.

– High quality

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‘The hi tech sensuality playtoys that are sold on the website makes twinkleknights a unique concept, something that is entirely new to the Indian markets’, Mr. Chavan expressed. ‘It is something that is sure to further capture the amusement and fantasy of Indian audience, because while a section of the audience is middle aged, another section of the audience is young and willing to spend’ he went on to say.

‘Another notable point is that’, Mr. Chavan told our team of correspondents, ‘it is really surprising to note that nearly 70% of the consumers are women. Women are more comfortable in their attitudetowards adult play toys than they have ever been, and find it perfectly alright to purchase one for personal use or for use with their partner.’


TwinkleKnights sells hi tech sensuality goods, and the hi tech sensuality refers to sale of goods which make use of technology to promote a much higher degree of sexual wellness amongst users, or even work towards resolving medical issues.

Let’s consider some examples which would explain how well twinkleknights has achieved use technology for achieving higher sexualwellness for the people.

1. ProFitMe

Pro Fit Me is a prostate massager for men. Prostate is an organ which is responsible for production of semen in men, and it is stimulated via the anterior walls of the rectum.

A prostate massage ensures a much improved overall health for men. This effectively works towards mitigating

o risk of prostate cancer
o genital pain
o symptoms of erectile dysfunction
o frequent nighttime urination
o and increases seminal fluid and circulation

2. V-tight Kegel Balls

Kegel balls are something designed to make ladies’ pelvic muscles stronger over time. In essence, it is nothing but a set of two balls attached to each other by a string.

So all one needs to do is push both the balls up the vagina, one by one and let them stay. Over time, as one does some practice with kegel balls, pelvic floor muscles are stronger, and this lets a sexual intercourse be more pleasurable, for a lady and her partner alike. This is required because after childbirth, the pelvic floor muscles might lose some of their elasticity, so the kegel balls make all the difference.

We find some websites over the internet which sells kegel balls, but twinkleknights does the stuff with a difference. Team Twinkle Knights has made use of technology to make sure that the Kegel balls work better and even quicker to let one achieve her goals for toned up pelvic muscles.